Melodie de suflet


What is it that stands in front of me, I cannot speak anymore

Tell me what you like, I don’t understand, where would you like to go

You want to go to sleep.
How much hair you have, one cannot count
Move the bottle away and let me see
Whether one can trust so much hair.I know a place in my heart
Where wind always blows
For your few years and for my hundred ones
There’s nothing to understand, it is enough just to sit down and listen.
Because I have written a song for every regret
And I have to watch out, lest I fall into wine
Or I end up into your eyes, if you come closer
Night has its own scent and you may fall into it
‘Cause no one is watching you
But for one like me, poor devil, who just wanted to take your hand
And fall on a bed…
What a pity… What a nostalgic feeling…
Not to look into your eyes and to tell you another lie
Had I never met you
I, who am here dying, while you eat an ice cream

You run after the wind and look like a butterfly

And how sensitively you halt and look at my shoulder
If you are afraid of flying far away, you can fly on my hand
But I already know what you think, you would like to leave
As if going far away were the same thing as dying
And there is nothing strange but I cannot come
So like a butterfly you stood up to fly away
But remember, on that wall I could have pinned you
If only I hadn’t gone outside to try and fly too
And the night began to freeze my skin
A motherly night trying to count her own stars
And I was a little thing under there and said „There you go, I’m lost”.
The night is dying
And it is dumb to try and stop the tears by laughing
But for one like me, I said it already,
Who wanted to take your hand and fly over a roof.
Far away, a train stops
What a wonderful morning, the sky is fair
Goodnight, my soul
I’m switching off the light, and so it be.

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